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Goldgenie Customisation Services

Customise your item in Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, Diamonds, Swarovski Style Crystals, Mother of Pearl or Genuine Exotic Animal Skins

Here's how it works...

Customise your device by selecting the options below

Gold Plate your iPhone 7

Gold Plate your iPhone 6s

Gold Plate your iPhone 6

Gold & Carbon fibre your iPhone 6

Diamond encrust your iPhone 6s

Luxury Gold iPhone 6 (4.7") or iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") - Diamond Ecstasy Limited Edition

Gold Plate your iPad

Crystalise your iPhone 7

Crystalise your iPhone 6s

New Gold iPhone 6s (4.7") Swarovski Style Brilliance Elite

Crystalise your iPhone 6

Crystalise your iPhone 6 logo

Gold Plate your iMac

Gold Plate your Golf club

Gold Plate your iPhone 7 Plus

Exotic skin on your iPhone 6s

Exotic skin on your iPhone 6

Combined options on your iPhone 6

Gold Plate your HTC

Gold Plate your Blackberry

Crystalise your iPhone 7 Plus

Pearls on your iPhone 6s

Pearls on your iPhone 6

Light Carbon Fibre on your iPhone 6

Gold Plate your Apple watch

Gold Plate your iPhone 7


Bespoke Customisation

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